• Airport and Flight Path Grass Signage

    Logo Application

    We can apply any design of any size to grassed surfaces throughout the world.

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  • Airport and Flight Path Grass Signage

    Line Marking

    Preparation of any field type with markings for any code of sport.

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  • Airport and Flight Path Grass Signage

    Advertising Sponsorship

    Using our 15 + years of experience, we can source the right sponsors for your sporting event.

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  • Airport and Flight Path Grass Signage

    3D Grass Signage

    For the optimum effect on televised events, 3D Grass Signs are highly effective with their use of arresting optical illusion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the paint you use a special Grass Paint?

The paint we use is designed specifically for us for use on grassed surfaces. It is a water-based product, which, in normal circumstances, will not affect the grass at all.

Can you remove the signage after the event?

There is a removal grass paint that we use when signs need to be removed. By using this paint in conjunction with established removal techniques, we can remove the signage to within 90 per cent of its original form.

Do the signs wash out if it rains?

The signs will not wash out given that they have had the time to fully dry between applications and when the rain starts. If the surface is wet when applied then any further rain will affect the brightness of the signs and in some case fully wash them away.

How long do the signs take to dry?

In most cases within 2 hours of application. The windier the conditions, the shorter the dry time.

What equipment do you use to do the signs?

The main piece of equipment is an airless spray machine, which allows us to spray the paint onto the grass. We also use, on some occasions, paintbrushes, paint pads, and brooms.

Do you do the signs by hand?

Depending on the job we can either produce the work by hand or use a template. We tend to use a template on jobs where the sign is used repeatedly to save time. If a job is a one-off we will do it by hand, which is more time consuming but eliminates the cost of producing a template.

Do you do the signs on day of the game?

Usually we try to do all our work on the day before. This allows us time if the weather is not friendly. Otherwise we work around what events are on the same days.

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